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The Fundamentals

I believe in 5 fundamental truths about my clients and coaching. These coaching fundamentals allow a space for growth and positivity. My clients and I can build a unique relationship free of judgment and build trust knowing that through my guidance and the resources they already have we can accomplish positive change that they wish to see in their business and life.

My Client is okay and does not need to be “fixed” - there is nothing fundamentally broken with my clients. They do not come to me to be made whole like with counselling for example. We are not looking for a reason in the past as to why their life is the way it is. We are looking to improve upon what they already possess and what they already know.

My Client has the resources necessary within themselves - my clients possess the resources to accomplish what they wish to accomplish. The purpose of coaching is to help my clients discover the resources they already have at their disposal. Most of us don't realize how resourceful we can be when we focus on future possibilities. When we start to use our resources more possibilities open up and it takes on a snowball effect. Our pool of resources becomes larger and larger as it rolls along.

Clients behavior has a positive intention - every behavior has a positive intention. This means that at any given moment my clients react in the way that they know best. Everything that they do or decide in any given moment IS the best they care capable of at that particular time. Coaching can assist in building upon these skills and growing their capabilities and along the way they will make choices that have positive intentions for themselves and stakeholders in their life. These intentions may not be positive to everyone but to my client they are at that moment.

Client is making the best choice possible at that moment - Like the positive intention, I believe my clients are making the best choice they can at the moment they make it. Coaching will increase perspective, resources and insight however as we work through our coaching journey my clients will make the best choices they can with the resources they have at the moment. As our coaching continues my clients will continue to improve upon their best choices.

Change is not only possible but inevitable - coaching is all about change towards a positive solution focused future. Change can not be helped, even if we do our best to fight against it. Change is what helps my clients grow and become what they want to become. I am not concerned that my clients can not change or will never improve. Regardless of whether they want the change or not change will occur. Coaching will help guide that change in the direction the client wishes for it to go.

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